Waiting for projects to bloom

I have so many client projects that are almost ready to launch! A small business online store, an amazing photographer’s website, galleries of beautiful custom products, ad campaigns, and presentations... they’re all so close to blooming. 
It’s easy to get excited and rush to launch at the end of a project. Usually everyone involved is getting tired of the details and ready to see a final product. As someone who loves checking things off a to do list, I get it! 
But it’s SO important to triple check all the details before sending your work out into the universe. Last year I witnessed a website that relaunched without redirecting their old pages, and their accumulated 9 years of search engine listings pointed to 404 error pages! 
It can be hard to wait when you’re soooo close, but a spotless launch is worth the extra time.

I’m excited to shout all these projects from the rooftops in the next few weeks - this is going to be a great month! ☀️


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