Note to self: Just hire a professional

We FINALLY finished our bathroom remodel this week (well, except for a handful of small things that will probably take the next 6 months to finish up...😬).

It was a project and a half, and it was supposed to be a "quick & easy" upgrade. We painted, changed faucets, re-caulked the tub, etc. but didn't rip anything out or make major renovations. What was supposed to take one weekend (Internet estimate) dragged out for weeks -- everything was hard! 😫 I worked on the sink plumbing 5 times (with 5 Lowe’s trips) before we threw in the towel & called a plumber.  ☔️

The whole time, I was thinking, "this is why you hire someone who knows what they're doing." 🙄 What seemed like a fun, low-cost project was no longer either of those things (like when someone starts a website, gets 1/2 way through, realizes it's sucking up all their creative energy, and calls a website designer to help...)

Officially taking a break from DIY for awhile... time to get my weekends back! 😎☀️
Photos of our new shower curtain & plant starter "curtain"... aren't they amazing??